Sustainable epoxidized vegetable oil

Arkema produces Vikoflex®, a line of epoxy plasticizers made from renewable resources. 

Vikoflex® is among the highest quality, dual-function epoxidized vegetable oils available today. Contact an expert to learn how Vikoflex® products can enhance your applications while adhering to your individual specifications.

Applications for Vikoflex® epoxy plasticizers

  • PVC plasticization: improves low temperature properties of flexible PVC
  • Acid and mercaptan scavenging: for use in agricultural formulations
  • Additives for specialty coatings, adhesives, urethanes: aids in flexibility or hardening
  • Reactive dilutents: for use in epoxy resin, cationic and UV cure applications
  • Additives to polyurethane flexible foam - for "greener" system components
  • Intermediates: for surfactants, and lube and fuel additives

Vikoflex® epoxy plasticizer products

Vikoflex® 4050 epoxidized vegetable oil

Vikoflex® 4050 is a low temperature octyl epoxy ester plasticizer which provides improved heat and light stability in vinyl formulations.

Vikoflex® 5075 epoxidized PGDO

Vikoflex® 5075 is a high quality monomeric epoxy plasticizer which offers low volatility, low temperature flexibility and high compatibility in polyvinyl chloride systems. The low viscosity of Vikoflex® 5075 epoxidized propylene glycol dioleate plasticizer makes it suitable for plastisol and organosol formulations. The epoxy functionality provides excellent heat and light stability.

Vikoflex® 7170 epoxidized vegetable oil

Vikoflex® 7170 adds a new dimension to improvements in epoxidized soybean oils. Oxirane efficiency from specially processed soybean oil produces a total compatibility and stabilization performance, which is improved to many present and past commercial products.

Vikoflex® 7190 epoxidized linseed oil

Vikoflex® 7190 is a specialized premium-quality epoxidized linseed oil with outstanding performance properties distinguishing it from all currently available epoxidized linseed oils. Its high compatibility and heat and light stability enable Vikoflex® 7190 epoxidized linseed oil to function as a primary, polymeric type, plasticizer-stabilizer.